This Week's ChessVideos Show: Kamsky-Svidler, World Cup 2011
Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 8:40PM
Dennis Monokroussos in ChessVideos Presentations, Kamsky, Svidler, World Cup 2011, World Cup 2011

As most if not all of you are aware, Peter Svidler won a nice game against Gata Kamsky a day or two ago (depending on your time zone), complete with a spectacular winning game bound for future anthologies. For that reason alone the game deserves publicity, but it's a rich game even aside from its classic coup de grace.

Accordingly, I give the game a close look in my ChessVideos show this week, which you can access here. These shows are always available for free (free registration is required) and on-demand for about a month or so, after which they're available for some small fee in the archives.

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