Andreikin Wins Russian Championship in a Playoff; Ipatov and Rapport Lead World Junior
Monday, August 13, 2012 at 7:56PM
Dennis Monokroussos

The six-way tie at the Russian Championship was settled by a round robin rapid tournament (15' + 10"), and it was won fairly comfortably by Dmitry Andreikin with 4/5, half a point ahead of Sergey Karjakin and a point in front of Peter Svidler. Andreikin won his first two games to take a half point lead over Karjakin and Svidler, and then drew the former in just eight moves with White in round 3. The key game took place in round 4, with Svidler (still half a point behind) having White against Andreikin. Despite that theoretical disadvantage, Andreikin came out of the opening (an Advance French with the trench warfare line 6.a3 c4) with whatever slight pull there was, and slowly but consistently played his great opponent to win the game. That put him a point ahead of Karjakin with a round to go, and he finished things off with a 13-move draw by repetition as White against Vladimir Potkin in the last round.

(Andreikin's most impressive win in the tournament as a whole game against Sanan Sjugirov in round 6, and I've recorded a video of it that I hope will be uploaded on soon. I'll make a quick post once it happens.)

Meanwhile, there are just two rounds to go at the World Junior, and it's a two-way tie again. Richard Rapport didn't manage to beat Nils Grandelius, and so he (Rapport) was caught by erstwhile leader Alexander Ipatov. Both players have 9/11, good for a half-point lead over Samvel Ter-Sahakyan (who defeated Conrad Holt with White in a very tactical Winawer French [but I repeat myself]). The top round 12 pairings look like this:

Ter-Sahakyan (8.5) - Rapport (9)
Wei Yi (8) - Ipatov (9)
Shimanov (8) - Ding Liren (8)
Yu Yangyi (8) - Grandelius (8)

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