A Miniature at the U.S. Senior Championship **UPDATED**
Friday, July 12, 2019 at 3:29PM
Dennis Monokroussos in Larry Christiansen, miniatures

As far as I know, the ongoing U.S. Senior Championship is the first such event in U.S. history, an invitational round-robin to determine the championship for players over 50 years of age. (Which - c'mon - isn't *that* old, even if some of you young squirts think it is. It's not. There are three people in the top 100 50 years or older [I'm not counting Igors Rausis - see a later post], and that doesn't count Viswanathan Anand, who will join them this December.) Is it a good thing? Who knows, but championship events at the St. Louis Chess Club are multiplying like rabbits. If Rex is happy and the players will make more money playing than giving lessons that week, they'll show up.

The event probably won't be of much general interest, but I think Larry Christiansen's win over Jaan Ehlvest is worth your attention. How often do you see one GM beat another in just 14 moves, especially without making an over blunder? Here's the game.

UPDATE: Reader MNb thinks Black's situtation isn't as dire as I suggested (in the Christiansen game), so in updated notes I have a look. (See the note to Black's 8th move.)

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