Other Events: Netanya & Danzhou
Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 12:23AM
Dennis Monokroussos

The Grand Chess Tour event in Zagreb, Croatia is the marquee event at the moment, but both Netanya (finishing today/tomorrow = Tuesday) and Danzhou (started Sunday) are worth following as well.

In Netanya, Leinier Dominguez had been running away with the event, starting with 4.5/6, but a loss in round 7 and Boris Gelfand's wins in rounds 6 and 8 have set things up for a photo-finish. They are tied for first with 5/8 and face off in the last round with Dominguez getting the white pieces. It's not so surprising that Daniil Dubov, the third seed (behind Dominguez and a struggling Peter Svidler) is just half a point behind, but it is surprising that he is sharing third place with Ilia Smirin,who along with tailender Evgeny Postny is considerably lower-rated than the rest of the field. Smirin has White against Pavel Eljanov, while Dubov is Black against Tamir Nabaty. The event deserves more publicity than it's getting, especially with the high number of decisive games. Alas.

The Chinese Super-GM tournament in Danzhou is even more impressive. Only player is rated below 2700, and that's Ernesto Inarkiev. He has been rated above 2700, and is rated 2693 even now. The top seed is Vladislav Artemiev, a leading prospect just 21 years of age, and one of the hottest players in the world. Round 1 had a couple of decisive results: Yu Yangyi defeated Santosh Vidit while Inarkiev beat Bassem Amin. In round 2 (of 7 - there are only eight players), all four games were drawn, but in two of them one of the players should have won. Hopefully there will be lots of bloodthirsty chess, and the draws won't create a negative sort of inertia.


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